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Thu, Sep. 23rd, 2010, 01:23 am
well i had a fun night

 Stacey called and asked if i would like to go to Red Lobster with her and Alexa. Dinner was really good and I had fun. We all dressed up "fall like" since today marked the first day of fall. I wore a dress, cardigan, tights, and boots. I looked adorable.

afterwards we saw Alpha and Omega. Terrible movie. but we were laughing the entire time. then we had to find a manager to make sure i wouldn't get in trouble for hanging out with stacey since she was a key, but the manager said it was fine since she was leaving in a week. Manager gave a smile and said "i don't know who's getting promoted" and it was in that tone where he also couldn't keep a straight face. so maybe that's a good thing.

later i came home. and i tried to change my nose ring finding out that it partially closed up so i had to repierce it and it was all gross and crap, but i fixed it.

tomorrow i may volunteer for an hour at the elementary school.

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2010, 03:39 pm

 so school was lame as usual. Apparently my history test grade should be up soon. I hope she posts it because i also turned in my book review, extra credit, and like three other quizzes. so i really want to know what i have in the class. during math i just played suduko. 

stacey and i decided that we'll have a high school musical marathon. which is a bit exciting. We'll watch all three movies while sporting our HSM tattoos and eating cupcakes then we can play singit, a board game, and HSM dance off. that will be a fun night.

no news about the promotion yet. but i close twice this weekend? i'm never scheduled to close during the weekend... sooooo maybe i got promoted? i don't know. i guess i'll find out tomorrow. 

don't know what i'm doing tonight yet, but as far as i know i need to wash my car and clean up the house.

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2010, 04:06 am
post for september 21st


Today I woke up to go to work

yup this place again. but i worked in the satellite station and i was dumb enough to get three hours of sleep so i bought chickfla thinking it would help, but instead I think it just made me more tired. I was literally falling asleep all morning. not a single customer besides nick taylor's dad.

then i came home and got changed and headed over to my graphic class. Nick and i both didn't have our cds. I honestly don't know where mine went. so without having the files on the PC at school i decided to leave early. i asked my professor about what happens when i finish my assignments and he said that i wouldn't have to show up to class anymore but i would just need to be there for the midterm and final. so that's pretty sweet.

So next i left class to go to justin's, we decided to go to the movies and see devil
movie was okay. hard to say. just a typical scary movie, besides it wasn't scary. but what else could you expect when the whole movie takes place in an elevator. but we had nothing else to do so i guess it was worth it.

after the movie i got a text from a co-worker saying that the manager passed her on as a supervisor. meaning now 4/6 people are going to get promoted. hopefully i'll know by tomorrow or thursday if i got the position.

So i left justin's and came home to make dinner since i hadn't had anything to eat in twelve hours. let me tell you, i was pretty happy. then i just played some neopets and talked to adam for a little bit.

Other things
  • i signed up for paintball at work. KILL ME SERIOUSLY BECAUSE I HAVE NO WAY OUT OF IT
  • I might go clubbing tomorrow night
  • i'm waiting on rue21, victoria's secret, or my current managers to call me
  • i'm waiting on my USF application. i really hope i get in.
  • i miss adam :(

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2010, 03:43 am
Going to use this again

That way i have this to actually talk about absolutely everything. 
but yeah.

so mini update since 2009
  • i'm a college sophomore now
  • got fired from hot topic now working at the theatres
  • just applied for USF
  • still live with parents
  • still with adam
  • he lives in tampa now
  • yup.

Sun, Apr. 26th, 2009, 12:19 am
sooo tired

from gradnight.
i really haven't slept yet.
even though this was on friday night.
but Katy Perry was sweet!

Wed, Apr. 22nd, 2009, 05:57 pm
sorry for not updating

it's been crazy.
i got grounded for something stupid (which i think i already talked about)

so saturday (4/18) i get ready to pick up my friend kaitlyn only to hear that i'm actually not allowed to drive AT ALL
when i was told i wasn't allowed to make plans for the rest of the month besides prom and gradnight
so everything was ruined.
or so i thought.

prom wasn't bad. i had fun. (:
kaitlyn spent the night (since that was the original plan)
and adam decided  to hang around til 2am.(which i was surprised my parents allowed that)

and i needed my camera! kaitlyn had her head rested on my shoulder and adam was pretty much sleeping while cuddling with me

oh my god and i regret something so much! =XX

but overall saturay/sunday morning was great

umm let see so i've been allowed to drive to work and dance meaning i'll probably get my car back on may 1st.

i ordered my glasses (did i mention i'm now nearsighted?)

and uhh i don't know what else to talk about.
but friday is gradnight! =)

Sat, Apr. 11th, 2009, 10:19 pm
to sum up the past week.

I've done nothing!

or at least it feels like it.

last weekend i worked and i hung out with mitchell and adam.

i don't remember monday.

i went to Adam's to watch a movie instead of being at the theatres to watch one.
parents figured it out, therefore i got in trouble. goodbye car for two weeks.
not so bad though. prom is next week and grad night is the week after.
and i still have my phone and internet so hurray?

wed-fri - venice beach.

saturday..that's today.
i slept in, uploaded pictures to Flickr and went to work. 3-9

came home and played with kittens and watched someone fall off a motorcyle. pretty scary. but they were okay.
and the kittens were adorable! 

anyway. that's all. easter is tomorrow. sweet.

Sat, Apr. 4th, 2009, 10:32 pm
eight hours

of work.


so glad to be home.

tomorrow i get the DSi =D

Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2009, 10:19 pm
i've always been your favorite game

doesn't feel like spring break

crappy day
crappy week

Thu, Apr. 2nd, 2009, 08:08 pm

i had no idea prom can create such stress.

so no limo mitchell asked kaitlyn so mitchell will drive us all.
since adam isn't allowed to drive me and i can't drive my car with my huge dress.

so over all i save 52.50 and will probably be able to do "more"  considering i'm not driving.

so i'm happy. it's just telling everyone else. i won't ride with them is gonna suck D:

so yeah.

also i had mike and michelle over to film for TV production.

i never realized i had such a nerdy room.

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